Data Protection Handbook Fourth edition

Data Protection Handbook Fourth edition
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The fourth edition of this popular, practical handbook on Data Protection provides authoritative, practical guidance for businesses and advisers on the procedures that they need to follow to ensure full compliance with the data protection legislation and how to implement it. Tolley's Data Protection Handbook is comprehensive and easily accessible in an A to Z format, organised into areas relevant to businesses that are affected by the legislation or regulations.

Benefits of Tolley's Data Protection Handbook

The new edition of Data Protection Handbook makes extensive use of practical and user-friendly features such as at-a-glance summaries, bullet points, procedural guides, checklists, FAQs, case studies, sample policies, legislative references, cross references to related topics covered in the book and contains references to further information, available from other sources.

Revised and updated to incorporate all the latest legislative changes including the new Data Protection Code on information about worker's health and Freedom of Information Act.

Tolley's Data Protection Handbook fourth edition is an invaluable aid to directors of large companies and their advisers, HR Managers and legal practitioners and will help the user implement the procedures which will ensure they fully comply with these complex requirements.

New chapters covering:
* Audit;
* Freedom of Information Act (FOIA);
* FOIA and Contacts;
* Environmental Information Regulations 2004;
* Identity Cards.


By Susan Singleton, Singletons Solicitors

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