Cross on Evidence Eighth edition

Cross on Evidence Eighth edition
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This prestigious work, written by the Honourable J D Heydon AC, provides a detailed and authoritative analysis of the Rules of the Law of Evidence in Australia with explicit statements of doctrine, together with an exposition of the principles underlying the various rules.

In this eighth Australian edition, the author expands the commentary of this well-respected work to include; the extensive amendments to the Evidence Acts 1995 (Cth and NSW), and the extension of that Act to Victoria. Further, the work reflects the extensive revisions on views, judicial notice, opinion evidence, the control of prosecution addresses, and questions in cross-examination. New material has been introduced in relation to the treatment of wrongly received evidence, privilege, and rules governing police examination.

1. Introduction;
2. Facts which Need to Be Proved by Evidence;
3. Estoppels;
4. The Burden of Proof and Presumptions;
5. The Degrees of Proof;
6. The Functions of Judge and Jury;
7. The Competence and Compellability of Witnesses;
8. Corroboration;
9. The Course of Evidence;
10. Character and Credibility;
11. Similar Fact Evidence;
12. Evidence by Accused Persons;
13. Privilege;
14. Public Policy;
15. Opinion;
16. The Rule Against Hearsay;
17. The Rule Against Hearsay: Principal Exceptions at Common Law;
18. The Rule Against Hearsay: Statutory Exceptions;
19. The Doctrine of Res Gestae;
20. Documentary Evidence;
21. Proof of Frequently Recurring Matters


By The Honourable Justice Heydon

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