Companies Acts: Model Articles and Table A (Third edition)

Companies Acts: Model Articles and Table A (Third edition)
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Companies Acts: Model Articles and Table A brings together all the default model articles of association as well as key guidance, precedents and other relevant reference material in one practical book.

Containing all forms of Table A in a clear and user-friendly format, it collates Table A chronologically from the current date back to 1865 on an article-by-article basis.

The title also provides key forms and precedents that show the most common amendments to Articles, in addition to statutory provisions in the Companies Act 2006 overriding Articles of Association (e.g. on proxy voting), as well as other forms of default model articles (B-F) from the Companies Act 2006, table of dates showing what is in force and a comparative table of contents between the different versions of the Tables resulting from the Companies Acts.

The CD-ROM includes all the precedents. Therefore, this work is an essential practical reference for those who need straight to the point information about the model articles in a user-friendly and accessible format.

Table of contents
Table of dates in force
Comparative table of contents
The model articles (in full)
- for public companies (2007/8/9)
- for private companies (2007/8/9)
- for guarantee companies
- Table A as modified 2007/8/9 for public companies
- Table A as modified 2007/8/9 for private companies
- Table C as modified 2007/8/9
- Table A 1985
- Table C 1985
- Table A 1948
- Table A 1929
- Table A 1908
- Table A 1906
- Table A 1862
- Table B 1856

Default model articles (B-F) from the Companies Act 2006
Forms and precedents
- Short and long form Articles of Association for different companies (e.g. private company limited by shares, private company limited by guarantee, private unlimited company, public limited company)
- Example clauses for particular companies and situations
- Explanation of how to vary Articles and what effect this has
- relevant extracts from the Companies Act 2006


By Roderick Ramage, Solicitor

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