Commercial Tenancy Law Third edition

Commercial Tenancy Law Third edition
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An authoritative and comprehensive analysis of the law in Australia relating to commercial leases.

This authoritative work is designed to be a comprehensive analysis of the law throughout Australia, relating to all aspects of commercial leases. Commercial leases are still primarily governed by the common law, even where leases are subject to retail or shop lease legislation, as the various states' legislation tends to supplement and rely upon the common law. Consequently, the majority of this book consists of an analysis of common law principles, however, the book also examines this legislation, in particular, the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974 and corresponding state fair trading legislation as well as retail or shop lease legislation on a state by state basis. This third edition will be of interest to both counsel and practitioners as well as academics, students and those involved in commercial leasing.

* Authoritative
* Comprehensive
* Coverage of all Australian jurisdictions
* Comprehensive tables of statutes, cases and index

* Relationship of Landlord and Tenant;
* Kinds of Tenancy;
* Licences;
* Agreements for a Lease;
* Capacity to Make and Take Leases;
* Leases as Contracts;
* Covenants;
* Implied Covenants;
* Usual Covenants;
* Repairs;
* Rent;
* Trade Practices and Other Commonwealth Legislation;
* Breach of Contract;
* Renewal of Leases;
* Assignment and Subletting;
* Determination of Tenancies;
* Forfeiture;
* Condition of Forfeiture;
* Notice to Quit;
* Re-entry by way of Self-help;
* The Old Action of Ejectment;
* Retail Tenancies Legislation: Victoria;
* Retail Tenancies Legislation: New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory


By Adrian J Bradbrook, Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Courts of Victoria and Nova Scotia and Bonython Professor of Law, University of Adelaide; Clyde E Croft, Adjunct Professor of Law, Deakin University and one of the Senior Counsel for the State of Victoria, Owen Dixon Chambers, Melbourne and Falcon Chambers, London; Robert S Hay, Barrister-at-Law, Owen Dixon Chambers, Melbourne.

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