Butterworths Company Law Handbook 29th edition

Butterworths Company Law Handbook 29th edition
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Butterworths Company Law Handbook 29th edition

A fully updated edition of the must-have 'Blue Book'. With its combination of statutes, statutory instruments and the latest European legislation, this title is considered the essential reference work for corporate lawyers, accountants, company secretaries, tax advisers, regulators and students.

Legislation is printed as currently in force with all amendments, repeals and revocations, providing full assurance that you are advising clients accurately. It is also cross-referenced to alternative legislation for a complete picture of company law as presently practiced.

Part 1:

The Companies Act 2006

Part 2

Companies Act 2006 commencement orders and table of commencements

Part 3

Companies Act 2006 supporting materials

Part 4

Companies Act 2006 statutory instruments

Part 5

Pre-2006 companies primary legislation

Part 6

Pre-2006 companies statutory instruments

Part 7

The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

Part 8

Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 statutory instruments

Part 9

Miscellaneous other primary legislation

Part 10

Miscellaneous other statutory instruments

Part 11

Selected EU legislation Appendices


By Keith Walmsley LLB, FCIS, Barrister

: 8850