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Butterworths Banking Law Handbook contains all of the principal primary and secondary legislation relating to banking law together with important European legislation and other supplementary materials


2014 160.00

Butterworths Banking Law Handbook is an essential reference work for those working in the banking sector.


2010 156.01

This title enables practitioners to be fully up-to-date with recent legislation.


2009 170.24

Butterworths Securities & Financial Services Law Handbook is published annually and brings together in a single volume the primary, secondary and European legislation which forms the regulatory framework for the financial services industry.


2014 149.00

This title offers comprehensive coverage of the key areas within capital markets including securitisation, guarantees, capital adequacy, Islamic finance, prospectuses, liability management, covenants


2012 345.87

This title is the standard work on derivatives for both novice and experienced practitioners alike.


2010 373.16

Hedge Funds Second edition provides a user-friendly, concise yet comprehensive guide to the core law of hedge funds.


2014 225.00

Paget's Law of Banking has established itself as the leading practitioner text on banking law.


2007 554.05

An expert treatment of the modern English law relating to domestic and international banking.

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1996 1,535.00

Paget's Law of Banking has established itself as the leading practitioner text on banking law, combining meticulous accuracy and depth with a clear approach to this complex area.


2014 450.00

This journal provides the latest information on developments in banking and financial law.

Magazine/   Journal

2000 946.00

This comprehensive work covers the general principles and rules of financial regulation.

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2002 879.00

This new special report offers a snapshot of the financial markets landscape at a time of flux and looks ahead to what financial services regulation may look like when the pieces have settled.


2010 205.92

This title offers guidance on Islamic financial business from a leading practitioner.


2009 274.57

This title is thoroughly updated and revised to take account of all recent developments.

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1998 585.00
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