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Banking & Finance Set
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Fuller: The Law and Practice of International Capital Markets offers comprehensive coverage of the key areas within capital markets including securitisation, guarantees, capital adequacy, Islamic finance, prospectuses, liability management, covenants and warrants. Written by an industry expert, The Law and practice of international Capital Markets is a mixture of clear overview and important detail provides essential information while also using terms that make it accessible to the layman.

Hedge Funds provides a user-friendly, concise yet comprehensive guide to the core law of hedge funds. Armed with a strong practical focus, the book covers both domestic and international aspects in one handy volume.

Henderson on Derivatives is an authoritative and practical major work, giving you an accurate and insightful guide to the full spectrum of derivatives, from the simplest to the most complex, as well as the law, regulation, documentation and practice surrounding them. Henderson on Derivatives is the standard work on the subject for both novice and experienced practitioners alike

Real Estate Finance: Law, Regulation & Practice is a comprehensive and practical guide covering all the key topics relating to the financing of and investing in real estate for lawyers advising originators, arrangers, issuers, banks, lenders, investors and financial service providers. It covers the practical details needed by lawyers to ensure they provide clients with the best advice both on strategy and the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a real estate finance deal.

Securitisation Law: EU and US Disclosure Regulations sets out the relevant regulations governing asset backed securities in the US and the EU. It provides the most up-to-date commentary and checklists alongside practical aids such as flow charts relating to disclosure regulations of asset backed securities governed by the EU prospectus directive and prospectus regulation, and the US Regulation AB. 

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