Bailey: Voluntary Arrangements Second edition

Bailey: Voluntary Arrangements Second edition
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Bailey: Voluntary Arrangements has been fully updated to cover all the recent developments in this field - the fastest growing area of insolvency. This readable and portable work has also been expanded to cover the law and practice relating to applications, appeals and reviews in voluntary arrangement proceedings, the EC Regulation 1346/2000 on Insolvency Proceedings, and the Cross-Border regulations.

Now in its second edition, Voluntary Arrangements provides expert guidance from one of the leading experts in the field, in addition to all relevant source material and a wide range of precedents.

1. Introduction
2. IVA: with or without interim order
3. The proposal
4. Preparation of proposal by office-holder;
5. CVA (without moratorium) and IVA: from proposal to creditors' meeting
6. CVA with moratorium: procedure to creditors' meeting
7. Consideration of the proposal: creditors meeting
8. Challenge to arrangements
9. Effect of approval of voluntary arrangement
10. Implementation of arrangement
11. Failure of voluntary arrangements
12. The death of the debtor
13. Partnership voluntary arrangements
14. Fast-track voluntary arrangements
15. Applications
16. Appeals and reviews
17. EC Regulation 1346/2000
18. Cross-border law
19. Impact of the Human Rights Act
20. Criminal liability in connection with voluntary arrangements
21. Deeds of arrangements

1. Insolvency Act 1986 (Pts I, VIII, Schedule A1)
2. Insolvency Rules 1986 (relevant provisions)
3. Insolvent Partnerships Order 1994 (relevant provisions)
4. Voluntary arrangement precedents
5. Prescribed forms
6. Procedural precedents
7. Default precedents
8. Practice Direction: Insolvency Proceedings
9. Dear IP Letter: Millenium edition, chapter 24
10. Statement of Insolvency Practice - 3
11. Comparative and procedural tables


By His Honour Judge Edward Bailey, MA, LLB

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