Lexis®PSL Risk and Compliance

    LexisPSL Risk & Compliance is a brand new module that provides a unique and unparalleled range of practical guidance, tools and templates to help in-house lawyers like you and the compliance team deal with the ever-increasing and ever-shifting burden of risk and compliance.

    The LexisPSL Risk & Compliance practice notes explain ‘the what and the why’ about key areas of risk and compliance, including:

    • Crisis Management
    • Data Protection
    • Dawn Raids
    • External Investigations
    • Anti-bribery and Corruption

    These are supported by a large suite of precedents including policies, checklists, registers, forms, workflows, panic sheets and breach plans to help you put practical and effective systems and processes in place.

    Email news alerts, monthly highlights and forecasts will address the universal concern of how to stay up-to-date with the constant churn of regulatory change when day-to-day operational compliance demands your full attention and often take up all your time.

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      • Our Practice Notes guide you on what you need to know, what you need to do and more importantly how to comply with all the rules and regulations, so you can focus on running your business.
      • Reduces budgets costs by enabling you to handle more matters in-house and reduces the need to instruct expensive external regulatory lawyers in private practice.
      • Monthly highlights sent direct to your inbox tell you what’s changed and what you need to do about it—and our monthly risk and compliance forecast alerts makes sure you know what’s coming so you have plenty of time to prepare.
      • A wide range of templates and checklists mean you can be certain you’ve got everything covered and spot any gaps at a glance.
      • Customisable daily or weekly news alerts give you truly current awareness so you can be better informed when instructing external counsels.
      • Whether you work with other business units and/or customers or clients outside the UK where business practices, rules and regulations vary greatly, our cross-border compliance content, split by country or compliance area, will provide invaluable insight into doing business abroad.

      Trackers & toolkits
      - Trackers & highlights
      - Brexit

      Compliance & ethics planning
      - Code of ethics
      - Checklists & audits

      Risk management
      - Identifying & assessing risk
      - Business continuity
      - Limiting liability
      - Risk management guides

      When things go wrong
      - Panic sheets
      - Dawn raids & external investigations
      - Dealing with regulators

      Anti-bribery & corruption
      - Regulatory regime
      - Identifying & assessing risks
      - Policy & procedures
      - Gifts & hospitality
      - Agents & intermediaries
      - Joint ventures and acquisitions
      - Charitable & political donations
      - Staff training & awareness
      - Monitoring & review

      Other corporate crimes
      - Slavery & human trafficking
      - Tax evasion

      Data protection
      - Regulatory regime
      - Identifying & assessing risks
      - Auditing existing arrangements
      - Compliance systems
      - Data processing & transfer
      - Data subjects: rights and requests
      - Privacy impact assessments
      - Managing data breaches
      - GDPR & international trackers
      - Data mapping

      Information management & security
      - Information & data security
      - ICT plan
      - Records management

      Business activities
      - Human rights & business
      - Sanctions & export controls

      Customer-facing compliance
      - Limiting liability

      Health and safety
      - Health & safety assessment & planning
      - Health & safety policy
      - Workplace safety
      - Dealing with incidents
      - Manual handling
      - Lone working
      - Fire safety
      - First aid

      International compliance
      - By compliance area
      - By country

      Professional conduct & regulation
      - Regulation of in-house lawyers
      - Undertakings

      - Q&As

      Lexis®PSL Risk & Compliance
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