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      • Follow tools and checklists that explain the legal processes
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      • Ensure compliance with the SRA Code of Conduct

      Speed up process intensive work.

      • Our range of tools can help you make the most of your time.
      • Access calculators, drafting notes, precedents, client ready material, checklists and flow-charts

      “I have no doubt that our subscription to LexisPSL has improved productivity.  It has increased our speed of research, so there have certainly been significant time savings.  We have become more efficient."
      Julie Bailey, Managing Partner. Andrew & Co

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      “The package of LexisLibrary and LexisPSL is comprehensive and easy to use. There are good links and it makes research much quicker. ... The time savings are tremendous, in the region of 20 per cent across the company.”
      Rowland Field Cunningham

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      “For us, speed and accessibility are crucial.  I estimate that we are now spending at least 25 per cent less time on research.” 
      Helen Thompson, Head of Dispute Resolution, SAS Daniels

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