Gives you the insight to strategically approach patent prosecution in the USA

    The PatentAdvisor suite includes several solutions designed to provide a data-driven, systematic approach to patent prosecution budgeting, IP portfolio management, evaluation of outside IP counsel and patent prosecution when it concerns the USPTO.

    What would it mean to your company if you could:

    • Influence the likelihood and the time it takes to get your patent approved
    • Deliver accurate and timely IP budget forecasts
    • Reduce the number of office actions
    • Quickly and easily see the status of every patent in your portfolio
    • Compare the efficiency of your (outside) counsel

    PatentAdvisor puts the power of predictive analytics in the hands of IP leaders. The online data intelligence tools combine statistics, modeling and data mining to analyze past patent applications in order to better predict how similar applications may develop. The analyses are based on data detailing the on-the-job performance of each of the more than 7,000 individual patent examiners and every art unit in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

    The latest addition to PatentAdvisor is PathWays: the only tool that predicts the path your application is expected to take at the USPTO. PathWays helps guide you toward the best path by characterizing the invention in a way that will get the best quality patent in the shortest time. You can use PathWays stand-alone from the other services of PatentAdvisor, and it will be a good start to gather new insights into the USPTO process.

      PatentAdvisor brings predictive analytics to patent prosecution to help you practice smarter. The suite of services provides solutions to better manage a portfolio of patent applications as well as products for more efficient prosecution of a single application.

      Our products are suited to patent attorneys running IP departments with both budget forecasting and portfolio tools. To improve your prosecution on patent applications in the US, you will be able to understand how individual patent examiners and art units have responded to previous applications and to estimate the general workflow and timelines for those examiners. Evaluating historical patterns and patent examiner statistics allows IP attorneys to plan future strategies, enabling you to approach USPTO examiners with positions and tactics that have been successful in the past.

      The PatentAdvisor suite consists of:

      Prosecution Advisor
      The Prosecution Advisor reporting products included in the PatentAdvisor suite provide corporate IP departments with actionable intelligence about the patent prosecution process. These products enable you to better budget department resources, estimate how long the process will take and devise more efficient and effective prosecution strategies.
      Cut through the maze of patent prosecution with a report that delivers a complete analysis of examiner and art unit behavior. By using a specifi¬c patent application number, each report generates examiner and art unit metrics based on detailed information from the fi¬le histories of more than six million patent applications, containing more than ten million offi¬ce actions.

      Budget Advisor
      Take the uncertainty out of patent prosecution budgets with Budget Advisor. Instead of projecting a budget based on guesses and expectations solely from anecdotal personal experience create a budget based on predictive analytics that take into account not only a company’s own prosecution history, but that of the entire U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

      Portfolio Management Advisor
      If you are managing a corporate IP department, do you know the status of all the patents in your portfolio? If not, how much time and energy would you need to determine which patents in your portfolio are on a dead end or difficult road? Which applications are over the average number of office actions for an examiner? Which rest with examiners with low approval rates or have histories of not allowing quality patents? With the Portfolio Advisor, all it will take is a couple clicks of a mouse.

      PathWays is the only tool that predicts the path your application is expected to take at the USPTO, and helps guide you toward the best one by characterizing the invention in a way that will get the best quality patent in the shortest time.

      PathWays enables you to:

      • Provide guidance on how much a patent will cost, how likely it is to grant and how long it will take—all before filing the application
      • Direct your application to the group of examiners who best understand your technology
      • Draft your application so it aligns with the art unit that represents the best fit for your patent
      • Make budget-based decisions on which applications to file
      • Anticipate budget and timelines for your applications
      PathWays provides insight into your application’s future to help you make data-driven filing strategies and budget plans.

      PathWays is a stand-alone service of PatentAdvisor and can be used independently.

      These are some of the benefits of PatentAdvisor users indicated to us:

      • Use the information to start gathering insights and overview
      • Prepare for consultations with outside counsel by discovering what may be delaying the application and what is being done to move it forward
      • Devise the best, most efficient and effective strategy to prosecute a patent application, saving time and money
      • Compare the performance of applications assigned to each law firm, if you have multiple outside counsel
      • Learn from the allowance rate of past applications for specific examiners and art units
      • Find out why an examiner issued past office actions, helping you prepare your application
      • See how many RCEs and office actions an examiner is likely to require before allowance
      • Judge how likely an interview with the examiner will result in an allowance
      • See how many times an examiner has faced an appeal, those appeal outcomes and the likelihood of a positive outcome following the pre-appeal process
      • Learn the likelihood of an appeal to make it to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board
      • How your application’s action times compares to other applications handled by the same art unit and examiner
      • Better decide if further investment is warranted in the case of a stalled application

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