Risk and Practice Compliance Consulting

Specialist consultancy services to help you understand the SRA outcomes-focused regulations and make sure your practices and procedures comply.

    Since the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) launched its new Outcomes Focused Compliance regime, solicitors across England and Wales have to demonstrate they comply, fulfill new COLP and COFA roles and implement new ways of reporting any breaches. It is crucial you follow the new rules, which will mean making changes within your firm.

    LexisNexis has launched a new consulting service to help you understand:

    • What you need to do to comply
    • How to implement new processes, structures and reports
    • What training you need to provide to staff
      • Our recommendations are based on expert understanding of the Code of Conduct and will help keep your firm safe from unwanted investigation, financial and judicial penalties and reputational damage. 
      • Using our service means you don’t have to waste hours of your own time trying to understand the new rules and working out what they mean in practice
      • Delivered by compliance experts and supported by the market-leading compliance products and services that LexisNexis offers, Compliance Consulting gives you peace of mind and ensures your very best practice, leaving you to focus on winning new business, the needs of your clients and adding real value to your firm.

      Our Consulting Services cover:

      • Client care
      • Equality & Diversity
      • Relations with third parties
      • Client Confidentiality
      • Fee sharing and referrals
      • Separate businesses
      • Confidentiality & disclosure
      • LSC contracting
      • Your client and the court
      • Conflicts of Interest
      • Management of the business
      • Your client and introductions to third parties
      • Data Protection
      • Publicity
      • You and your regulator

      Full Day Consultancy
      £1,150 plus VAT

      Half Day Consultancy
      £650 plus VAT

      Hourly Rate
      £170 plus VAT

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