LexisNexis® Newsdesk

A media-monitoring and analytics solution to help you search, analyse and share market intelligence

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Stay in the know

Cut through the clutter to monitor key news and events that may impact your organisation so you can make data–driven decisions with confidence.

Spot trends quickly

Identify key influencers, market trends, industry highlights and competitive information with ease, allowing you to compete more effectively.

Report on key metrics

Keep executives informed on how you are meeting business objectives using data visualization reports for share of voice, sentiment analysis, coverage by geography and more.

Share insights with colleagues

Ensure your organisation is sharing critical market intelligence among colleagues in a way that is copyright compliant.

Make more data-driven decisions

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Press Release: LexisNexis Launches LexisNexis Newsdesk

Next-generation media-monitoring, analysis and distribution solution enables timely, informed and strategic business decisions.

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