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    The latest edition of the Civil Court Practice (the Green Book) has published

    The Green Book 2018 has been fully updated to take into account all relevant case law and statutory developments since the last edition, as well as all the latest updates and amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules.

    This year’s edition includes a brand new section on Wales. The Mental Capacity and Mental Health section has been fully revised to take account of the Court of Protection Rules 2017.

    The update also includes:

    • Guidance on Housing Act 2004 on recovering tenant deposits and penalties for non-compliance
    • Explanation of how the new structure of the Business and Property Courts will work
    • A clear account of the procedure for transferring county court judgments up to the High Court for enforcement
    • Significant amendments in light of the Court of Appeal decision in Howlett v Davies [2017] EWCA Civ 1696 and the decision in Christina Ann Mabb v James English, picking up on the important developments in the law relating to Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting (QOCS), and in particular the clarification of what constitutes fundamental dishonesty and whether this is required to be pleaded
    • Family section updated to cover the Supreme Court decision in Ilot v Mitson

    LexisLibrary: The Civil Court Practice 2018 (The Green Book)

    The April issue of Family Law journal is now on LexisLibrary

    New articles include:

    • ‘Five years of legal aid drought – the legacy of LASPO’ Paul Magrath
    • ‘Repudiatory retention: Re C‘ Maeve O’Higgins
    • ‘Revoking adoption: Re J (Adoption: Appeal)’ Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn
    • ‘Welfare and discrimination: Re M’ John Eekelaar
    • ‘Vulnerable clients and the family justice system: Part 1: Disability and the parent’ Professor Jo Delahunty QC
    • ‘Autistic individuals and the family justice system: research findings and good practice’ Anna Remington and Rob George
    • ‘Responsible family asset protection: lessons from Asia’s HK$1.2 billion divorce award: when aggressive strategies can backfire’ Marcus Dearle
    • ‘President’s Guidances – Jurisdiction of the family court and International child abduction case management’ Sir James Munby
    • ‘Local authority update: Spring 2018: welfare and prospective adoptive placements’ Emma Kendall
    • ‘HMCTS reform divorce project’ Tony Roe

    LexisLibrary: Family Law

    Issue 1 of Child and Family Law Quarterly 2018 is now on LexisLibrary

    Articles include:

    • ‘Children’s experiences of ‘home’ after parental separation’ Belinda Fehlberg, Kristin Natalier and Bruce M Smyth
    • ‘Two means two, but must does not mean must: an analysis of recent decisions on the conditions for parental orders in surrogacy’ Alan Brown
    • ‘Religion as harm? Radicalisation, extremism and child protection’ Rachel Taylor
    • ‘Hayatleh v Modfy: presuming the validity of a known ceremony of marriage’ Rebecca Probert
    • ‘Causal and temporal connections in financial remedy cases: the meaning of marriage’ Anna Heenan

    LexisLibrary: Child and Family Law Quarterly

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