Lexis®Smart Forms

Lexis®Smart Forms helps you quickly find the forms you need and provides a range of fast fill features which make completing even the most complicated forms simple.

    With LexisSmart forms you have instant access to all the forms you need in easy to complete PDF format.

    Why LexisSmart Forms?

    • Easy to fill in in fillable PDF format
    • Easy to share with colleagues and clients
    • All the forms you need
    • Time saving functionality
    • Bulk download facility which allows you to keep off-line versions for contingency and case management systems use.
    • Direct access to your most used forms
    • Stay up-to-date
    • Excellent support with a dedicated team for your technical queries

      All the forms you need in one place
      A dedicated online forms service comprising over 2,500 fillable forms, including key forms such as IHT400, Forms E. The Law Society Forms are available as an add on subscription.

      Easy to use
      No need for a bespoke forms player, uses Adobe Reader 8.2 or above. The standard functionality includes expandable text boxes, auto calculations, court addresses, embedded guidance notes, auto continuation-sheet insertion, text styling.

      Keeping you up-to-date
      Daily addition of new forms and updates. Full forms download service available via a weekly email alert for offline users. Plus, full integration with LexisLibrary.

      Easy to fill in - LexisSmart Forms are available in fillable PDF format using the freely available Adobe Reader - there’s no need to install a bespoke forms player

      Easy to share – PDF format makes it simple to share forms with colleagues or customers

      All the forms you need – a comprehensive collection of over 2,500 forms in one online portal

      Save time– the forms have been developed in partnership with practising lawyers so that they are intuitive to fill in

      Get direct access to your most used forms – a dedicated online service providing single click access to favourite and most used forms

      Stay up-to-date – our news service keeps you informed about new forms and updates via the online service or customisable email

      Benefit from excellent support – we provide a dedicated team to answer all of your technical queries and receive feedback

      What software do I need to use these forms?
      As a minimum you need version 8.2 of Adobe Reader. Please note that we cannot guarantee performance of LexisSmart forms with other PDF readers. Our forms are Adobe Reader-enabled, meaning that the features you see are exposed by Adobe Reader, and may not be exposed by other PDF readers. http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/reader.html

      Do I need to install any software besides Adobe Reader to work with LexisSmart Forms?
      No, unless you do not already have Adobe reader installed.

      If you intend to integrate these forms with your case management provider, there will be further installations. That would need to be professionally rolled out in consultation with our technical team.

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