Spend less time looking for answers and more time making sure the funds flow.

    Lexis®PSL provides up-to-date practical guidance from specialist solicitors and barristers so you can work more efficiently and provide advice with confidence. And when you need more depth and knowledge, LexisPSL guides you to unique primary law and commentary exclusive to LexisNexis - and signposts relevant training options.

    Why LexisPSL?

    • Stay on top of the latest developments and find the answers you need fast.
    • Access clear, concise practice notes covering 25 practice areas. Written in plain English, in 1,500 words – with a top-level summary, clear headings, plus the direct links for deeper research.
    • Access direct links to the underlying authority and the UK’s trusted legal sources: Halsbury’s,Butterworths, Tolley, the Green Book, All England Law Reports and more.
    • Trust our content. Written and vetted by specialist lawyers, expert contributors and consulting editorial boards – based on years of first-hand experience.
    • Save valuable time with our automated tools including Personal Injury Damages Calculator,
    • Interest Calculators in Family and many more.
    • Comply with the mandatory outcomes in the new SRA Code of Conduct, and evidence that you have systems in place to meet the requirements of the code.

    "We save a small fortune by reducing duplication, getting to information more quickly and most importantly freeing up fee earner time to earn fees."
    Andrew Moore, Practice Manager, Wortley Byers

    Why not try LexisPSL today?

      LexisPSL gets you the legal and market news you need, with ‘so what’ analysis provided by internal and external experts.

      • Get news, legal updates and analysis
        Our legal experts analyse what developments mean in practice. So it’s easy for your lawyers to grasp the impact for their clients – and spot new business opportunities.
      • Save hours with quick calculators
        LexisPSL has 19 different calculators that can save hours (if not days) – and take care of complex calculations to reduce risk of mistake.
      • Update forms painlessly
        LexisPSL includes all the most up-to-date versions of the key forms your lawyers need, in a PDF format that’s easy to save, edit, and email to clients - including IHT400, Form E and TR1. With expandable text boxes, auto calculations and text styles to save you more time.
      • Save hours of drafting time
        With over 400 LexisSmart Precedents, your lawyers can save hours of drafting time. Both through relevant clause selection within a single precedent, and self-population of entire suites of documents, from a single questionnaire.
      • Learn via LexisNexis Webinars
        It’s not just about the written text. LexisPSL also includes access to interviews and talking heads by leading practitioners expanding on hot topics and specialist areas.
      • Access online and on-the-move
        With LexisPSL on their tablet or smartphone, your lawyers aren’t tied to their desks. So it’s easier for them to get things done while they’re out and about.

      Lexis PSL is available across 23 practice areas: Arbitration; Banking & Finance; Commercial; Competition; Construction; CorporateCorporate Crime; Dispute Resolution; Employment; Environment; Family; Financial Services; Immigration;  In-House; Intellectual Property & Information Technology; Local Government; Pensions; Personal Injury; Practice Compliance; Private Client; Property; Restructuring & Insolvency; Tax

      We work with leading people at the top of their profession, across many fields of specialism, working together to ensure we meet the needs of the fast-changing world.

      Our Consulting Editorial Board and external Contributors includes representatives from:

      “The package of LexisLibrary and LexisPSL is comprehensive and easy to use. There are good links and it makes research much quicker. ... The time savings are tremendous, in the region of 20 per cent across the company.”
      Rowland Field Cunningham

      Download Rowlands case stud

      “For us, speed and accessibility are crucial.  I estimate that we are now spending at least 25 per cent less time on research.” 
      Helen Thompson, Head of Dispute Resolution, SAS Daniels

      Download SAS Daniels case study

      “I have no doubt that our subscription to LexisPSL has improved productivity.  It has increased our speed of research, so there have certainly been significant time savings.  We have become more efficient."
      Julie Bailey, Managing Partner. Andrew & Co

      Download Andrew & Co case study

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