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    All law firms have to comply with the SRA Handbook as well as a bewildering raft of legislation and regulation. Get it wrong and you could face investigation, disciplinary action, fines and prosecution (not to mention the associated reputational damage).

    LexisPSL Practice Compliance is an online service designed to make risk and compliance easier to manage, whatever the size of your firm.   It comes with everything you need to get your compliance house in order and keep it that way.

    LexisPSL Practice Compliance provides you with access to an unbeatable range of practical guidance, templates, flowcharts, checklists and other time-saving tools. From the SRA to GDPR, LeO, SOCA or ICO—we’ve got it covered.

      Why LexisPSL?

      • Our Practice Notes tell you what you need to know, what you need to do and more importantly how to comply with all the rules and regulations. There’s no need to go hunting through the SRA Handbook, Legal Ombudsman Rules, Law Society practice notes, Information Commissioner’s guidance, Lexcel requirements or legislation. We’ve got it all covered in one place, so you can focus on running your business and day to day compliance.
      • Access to over 675 templates including policies and plans, risk assessments, registers, forms and letters
      • Monthly highlights sent direct to your inbox tell you what’s changed and what you need to do about it—and our monthly compliance forecast alerts makes sure you know what’s coming so you have plenty of time to prepare
      • A wide range of checklists mean you can be certain you’ve got everything covered and spot any gaps at a glanc
      • Dedicated COLP, COFA and MLRO toolkit
      • Customisable daily or weekly news alerts give you the low down on what’s happening in the world of compliance
      • Pre-written, pre-scripted ‘Educating your Practice’ training aids to help you train your staff in key compliance area
      • Provides practical tools to assist firms with meeting Lexcel, CQS, WIQS and SQM management standards
      • Keep up-to-date with opinion on the Business of Law Blog

      LexisPSL Practice Compliance includes the following topics:

      • Toolkits
      • Authorisation and regulation
      • Accounts and Finance
      • Business management
      • Client care
      • Conflicts, confidentiality and disclosure
      • Costs and funding
      • Crime prevention
      • Financial services
      • Information and data management
      • Matter management
      • Q&As
      • Risk
      • Third parties
      • Training

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