Save time and resources spent on legal research

    Access the UK’s most authoritative and comprehensive collection of annotated legislation, cases, forms, precedents and commentary from Butterworths and Tolley. Trusted by over 4,000 organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

    • Advise with confidence using the most authoritative source of UK legal materials on the market.
    • Work more efficiently with simple and advanced online searching.
    • Stay up-to-date by instantly knowing of any changes to UK legislation with the twice-daily 'Stop Press'.
    • Save time with instant cross-referencing between commentary, cases, legislation and other legal materials.
    • Accessing the entire online library could save your firm up to 75% compared to subscribing to all the individual sources.
    • Get all you need from one provider with integrated, deep research content in LexisLibrary combined with LexisPSL practical content- overviews, practice notes and precedents; you only need to log in once and seamlessly link between both products quickly, without the need to toggle between products.

    "Library services are a big spend for any law firm… By consolidating all our information services with LexisNexis, we immediately trimmed 10% off our annual spend... Across the board, I’d say we’re saving around 15% on research time, which converts directly to fee-earning."

    Julie Bailey, Managing Partner
    Andrew & Co.

      The only place to find Halsbury’s Laws of England
      You have the authority by your side with Halsbury’s Laws. It has been continually updated and added to for over 15 years online making it all encompassing and therefore the only place to find quick answers to any question on any area of law. Someone finds an answer in Halsbury’s Laws of England every 4 seconds.

      It has also been cited more than 1,700 times in judgments or submissions in court (established as the industry standard) and published in the Law Reports of England and Wales Incorporated Council over the last 100 years.

      Home of other trusted sources
      LexisLibrary is also the home of trusted sources, unique to LexisNexis, including Harvey on Industrial Relations, Atkins Court Forms and the Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents (EF&P), so you can advise with confidence.

      The most up-to-date UK Legislation available anywhere
      LexisNexis provides fully consolidated and annotated UK legislation consisting of over 86,000 enactments dating back to 1266 (December 2014 figure), available in PDF. All new enactments are loaded onto LexisLibrary within 24 hours of publication along with Stop Press! Information so that you constantly have the latest changes at your fingertips.

      The largest number of case law documents, including cases not reported elsewhere
      We provide access to over 622,000 case law documents (December 2014 figure), including the All England Law Reports, Industrial Relations Law Reports, Butterworth’s Local Government Reports and ICLR materials, so that you have it all covered.

      LexisNexis is the only provider which can offer you The Law Reports, All England Law Reports, Weekly Law Reports, Industrial Relations Law Reports and the Industrial Case Reports in one service, LexisLibrary.

      Judgments from the court are uploaded within ½ hour of being handed down as well as our Appeal Tracker service which tracks the appeal status of judgments so you never miss a beat. Plus, case digests published throughout the day and UK Legal News analysis so that you always have the latest information available.

      We add approximately 7000 transcripts and 2000 handed-down judgments to the Judgments source each year. Our transcripts archive dates back to 1980 and contains over 127,000 transcripts. Plus, CaseSearch has 340,000 cases dating back to the 1500s (December 2014 figure) and contains cross references from approximately 800 law reports.

      The most comprehensive collection of forms and precedents anywhere
      There are over 31,000 forms and precedents (December 2014 figure) on LexisLibrary, including the Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents and Atkin’s Court Forms, so that you never need to draft from scratch.

      The No 1 place for legal journals in the UK
      You can keep up to date and find the expert analysis you need with our widest and broadest full text journal offering (126 full text journals online – December 2014 figure), including titles from Bloomsbury Publishing, Hart, Cambridge University Press, PDP Publishing, Oxford University Press, Emerald Insight, De Gruyter Recht and Max Planck Institute. We are also the preferred partner for Oxford University Press.

      Plus, the LexisNexis Journals index focuses on live titles and covers over 650 sources including reputable legal blogs, international titles and competitive titles.

      Works in the areas of the law that matter, with over 290 commentary titles
      LexisLibrary includes over 290 practitioner texts, including Harvey on Employment and Industrial Relations, Pagets Banking Law, Hill and Redman, Civil Court Practice (The Green Book), Stone's Justices' Manual, the Butterworths Family Law Service and Cook on Costs. It works in the areas of the law that matter so that you can practice with confidence with complete understanding of the impact of cases, legislation and more.

      Access to LexisNavigator
      If you don’t know where to start, try LexisNavigator. It has over 2,720 legal terms (December 2014 figure) fully defined with key cases, legislation and over 20,000 links to Halsbury’s, LexisPSL practical guidance and relevant journals articles.

      For each term a general definition is provided along with:

      • Legal definitions as defined in legislation
      • Links to related legal terms
      • Key cases which have influenced the term
      • Links to all precedents which include that term
      • Key commentary texts with direct links to relevant passages

      View a list of LexisNavigator terms.

      Access to LexisRecommends
      LexisRecommends makes sure your search terms appear at the top of your results page with added value – signals, useful links – so that you get quick insight and answers.

      Halsbury’s Statutes Annotations
      Get the point of legislation with the full text of UK Acts and Statutory Instruments, updated daily, including Annotations from Halsbury’s Statutes for every section of every Act in force with thousands of case notes and ‘words and phrases’ judicially considered back to the 1300s. We have side by side Annotations and legislation so that it’s easier for you to see what’s changed, so that you work more efficiently.

      Halsbury's Is it in Force?
      Our quick and easy-to-use reference tool provides the information you need to establish the exact commencement dates of Acts of general application in England, Wales and Scotland and General Synod Measures passed since 1960, so that you get the information need straight away.

      Today's Cases
      Today's Cases allows you to stay up-to-date with what's happening in the courts as soon as any content is published as the content hits the page instantaneously.

      In addition to retaining the All England Reporter case digests, Today’s Cases includes:

      • Coverage to the last 10 days of content
      • Handed down judgments being available to view within minutes of being published
      • Videos of decisions from the Supreme Court
      • Ability to order by publish date and now also judgment date
      • Ability to search for using the first catchword or via casename

      Today's Cases is now also available as a free web app on handheld devices and tablets (Apple or Android devices) so that you can always stay up-to-date with new cases on-the-go. It allows for offline storage so that the content is available to view, once synced, even when a device's signal is lost.

      Free leading UK legal mobile apps
      Work on the move with our two FREE leading UK legal mobile apps (On the Case and Halsbury’s Legal Terms), available on iPhone. Both of these apps can be used in conjunction with LexisLibrary, which is compatible with all phones and tablets. We have added PDFs of book chapters and LN journals articles for easy download to your IPads or mobile devices so you can read or work wherever you are.

      Hear directly from our customers how they have managed to:

      • Save research time which converts directly to fee-earning
      • Perform research efficiently from wherever they may be
      • Provide better legal advice and client service
        ... and much more thanks to LexisLibrary.

      "LexisNexis won the day for two reasons. Firstly, the depth of content and how user-friendly it is. But what massively stood out was the training."
      Sarb Gosal, Partner
      Download the Spire Solicitors case study

      “We have embraced technology and LexisNexis, with all its facilities, has been integral to that. LexisLibrary, LexisPSL and LexisSmart Precedents all support the work of our lawyers”
      Daniel O'Connell, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Kerman & Co
      Watch Kerman & Co case study

      "LexisLibrary is getting better and better and the linking across LexisLearning and the new LexisPSL service provides a better overall service than we could get from any other provider"
      Andrew Moore, Practice Manager, Wortley Byers
      Download Wortley Byers case study

      “Library services are a big spend for any law firm… By consolidating all our information services with LexisNexis, we immediately trimmed 10% off our annual spend... Across the board, I’d say we’re saving around 15% on research time, which converts directly to fee-earning.”
      Julie Bailey, Managing Partner, Andrew & Co.
      Download Andrew & Co case study

      “We have come to rely on the Lexis®Library since we first subscribed to it and it’s the jewel in the crown of the online services we use.”
      Keith Plowman, Senior Clerk, 10 Old Square Chambers

      Download the Ten Old Square case study

      “Our LexisNexis package [Lexis®Library Employment, Lexis®PSL Employment, supported by the key texts Harvey in print and Employment LawHandbook and Employment Webinars] is all-embracing and worth every penny.”
      Mike Cummins, Director, Cummins Solicitors
      Download the Cummins Solicitors case study

      “LexisNexis has a great reputation and track record. LexisLibrary is a very authoritative system and the service was tailored exactly to my requirements. I was aware that rival systems didn’t offer the same depth of coverage.”
      Chris Sayer, Sole Practitioner
      Download Chris Sayer case study

      “The introduction of Lexis®Library has brought efficiencies and time savings throughout the business”
      Jason Bastock, Office Manager and Legal Librarian, Brethertons LLP
      Download Brethertons case study

      “Client care is very important for us and Lexis®Library helps ensure we stay abreast of the latest legal developments and provide a first rate service to our clients”
      Steve Kirwan, Managing Director, Nowell Meller
      Download Nowell Meller case study

      “There is no doubt that we are now shrewder, more efficient and able to practise more law per hour as a result of the introduction of Legal Library from LexisNexis. It provides us with the most comprehensive set of legal knowledge around.”
      Robert Sedgwick, Partner, Buss Murton
      Download Buss Murton case study

      “The Lexis®Library has freed up people’s time because it is instantaneous. We are getting work out of the door quicker and turning over more work.Our lock up – the period of time from the customer walking through the door to billing – has improved. That is our measure of profitability.”
      Helen Thompson, Head of Dispute Resolution – SAS Daniels
      Download SAS Daniels case study

      “Lexis®Library is the distillation of an entire physical library’s worth of knowledge into a single, user friendly database in which you can have complete confidence”
      Richard Tapp, Company Secretary and Director of
      Download Carillion case study

      “In terms of breadth and depth of content, Lexis®Library is the best product on the market. It helps us to provide a more thorough service to our clients.”
      Simon Edwards, Barrister, ThirtyNine Essex Street
      Download ThirtyNine Essex Street case study

      “The introduction to the online library at the end of 2007 gave us the confidence to make the final step to going fully online. There is no doubt we are spending less time on research and junior staff are now able to do more fee earning work.”
      Debbie Paget, Business Manager, Essex County Council
      Download Essex County Coucil case study

      “We have looked at other systems but Lexis®Library and Lexis®PSL, in conjunction with Visualfiles, gives us one accurate, reliable platform for all our electronic library needs.”
      Mark Hynes, Director of Legal and Democratic Services,
      Download Lambeth Council case study

      “The package of LexisLibrary and LexisPSL is comprehensive and easy to use. There are good links and it makes research much quicker. There is an excellent search engine and, starting with minimum information, I’m impressed by how it turns up the relevant cases. The time savings are tremendous, in the region of 20 per cent across the company.”
      Tony Broadley, Joint Managing Partner, Rowlands Field Cunningham
      Download Rowlands case study

      “The introduction of LexisPSL has been of particular value because it provides us with a top layer and overview, plus the ability to drill down if more information and detail is required with LexisLibrary. The links are clear, enabling easy access to relevant case law, detailed commentary and precedents. Our subscription to LexisNexis is a no-brainer – we have looked at the competition and it’s not as good.”
      Nick Hanning, Partner, RWPS Law, on Lexis®Library and Lexis®PSL
      Download RWPS case study

      “The introduction of LexisLibrary has fundamentally changed the way in which we work… There is no-one else in the market that offers the same type of online information service with the depth and breadth of legal information that LexisNexis does and they have been very keen to work closely with us, the customer.”
      Wendy Small, Head of Information, Eversheds
      Download Eversheds case study

      “Using the various Lexis services [Lexis®Library, Lexis®PSL and Lexis®Webinars] we can now undertake work for clients which, in the past, we might have shied away from. In that respect it’s making us more profitable.”
      Sharon Cambridge, Partner, Kenneth Bush Solicitors
      Download Kenneth Bush case study

      Lexis®Library Advisory Board – Putting customers at the heart of our business:

      The LN product advisory boards are a forum for the research/library teams of legal firms and academic institutions to help shape the development of our products and services; give feedback and meet peers within the legal industry.

      The PABs, as they are affectionately known, are usually held 3 times a year and there are sessions for the large law, small and mid law and academic markets. We hold the forums in our London HQ. Lunch, refreshments and travel outside of London will be provided for our guests.

      Currently we have a broad representation of leading UK firms, universities and institutes but if you are a member of a research/library team that does not currently attend and you would be interested in coming along, please contact either lisa.regan@lexisnexis.co.uk or daniel.wright@lexisnexis.co.uk.

      Follow us on Twitter - Going the extra mile to let customers have the latest information as it happens
      The LexisLibrary teams tweet daily on judgments, new legislation and comment objectively on legal developments as well as tweeting our pick of the cases from the Weekly and Monthly Reviews and summaries:

      Find out more on our blogs:

      • LexisNexis – The Future of Law blog:

      The Future of Law blog has been set up by experts, for experts, providing you with the tools you need to succeed. We want to break through the media noise, the deluge of information and deliver articles on the developments that really matter – enabling you to stay one step ahead of your competition - http://blogs.lexisnexis.co.uk/futureoflaw

      You can also find the Future of Law on Twitter @lexisnexisuk

      • LexisNexis – The Business of Law blog:

      This blog is the one for sole practitioners, independent lawyers and small law firms. It has been set up by experts, for experts. For lawyers to share knowledge with other lawyers about how to not just survive these more competitive times, but to thrive - http://businessoflaw.lexisnexis.co.uk

      • LexisNexis – Practice area blogs:

      Don’t miss our free practice area specific blogs – our pick of the things that you need to know, including guest contributions from leading lawyers and experts.

      We carefully select the legal developments that are interesting, important and that you need to know. Whether you want information on a significant case, are concerned about compliance issues, or just fancy a look into how the legal profession is developing, you should find something of interest.

      Our articles are written by our in-house lawyers, supported by guest contributions from leading practitioners and industry experts.

      Visit http://blogs.lexisnexis.co.uk/ to find out more.


      If you are a student registered on a course with a UK university, your institution already subscribes to LexisLibrary on your behalf. You can access it via your university Library web pages using your student ID and password.

      The simplest way to find the legal information you are looking for is to type the information into the relevant box in ‘Quick Find’ on the LexisLibrary homepage e.g. a case name into the ‘Case name or citation’ box. If you would like help to use the databases then there are a number of options you can take advantage of:

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