Halsbury's Laws of England

Law. In order.

    Halsbury's Laws of England covers the whole spectrum of English law and is designed to enable practitioners to answer the full range of questions likely to arise in the course of their work, especially those which fall outside their own fields of expertise.

    • Advise with confidence using the one and only encyclopaedia of law
    • Stay on top of the latest developments with our convenient annual and monthly updating services
    • Work more efficiently - Halsbury’s Laws is neatly alphabetised and organised according to subject area
    • Save time on your research with quick and easy to search statutes, tables and supporting materials

    Access online via LexisLibrary.

      Halsbury’s Laws is the authority
      It is the only complete narrative statement of the law in England and Wales.

      It has been continually updated and added to for over 15 years online making it all encompassing and therefore the only place to find quick answers to any question on any area of law.

      It contains law derived from every source, written by or in consultation with leading lawyers, both practitioners and academics, to ensure you benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

      Recognised as the industry standard
      Someone finds an answer in Halsbury’s Laws of England every 4 seconds.

      Halsbury’s Laws has been cited more than 1,700 times in judgments or submissions in court and published in the Law Reports of England and Wales Incorporated Council over the last 100 years.

      It is also used a trust source for organisations such as the UK Trade & Innovation (UKTI), which featured
      some of the 5th Edition Volumes in their advertising campaign to highlight Great British exports.

      Unique to LexisNexis
      You can only get Halsbury’s Laws through LexisNexis. It can be accessed either in print or from LexisLibrary.

      Organised to suit your needs
      Halsbury’s Laws is divided into alphabetically arranged titles, making it convenient to use and enabling quick and easy research into any area of law.

      Updated regularly
      Halsbury's Laws of England is regularly updated by an annual Cumulative Supplement and a monthly service.

      Abridgement volumes available

      An Abridgment volume summarising the legal developments of each year is also published every May.

      Find out more about details about Halsbury’s Laws complete series.

      How do I pay for Halsbury's Laws of England?
      Volumes are charged for separately on publication, as is the Cumulative Supplement. The monthly Current Service is a pay-in-advance subscription service.

      How do I know if I have a complete and up-to-date set?
      To check the validity of your set you can either refer to the Halsbury's Laws checklists, call your personal account manager or contact our expert editorial team at hleb@lexisnexis.co.uk.

      Is Halsbury's Laws available online?
      Yes, every title is reproduced online, and is fully searchable (with the exception of 4th Edition vols 51 and 52, European Communities) online. Updating materials, corresponding to the hardcopy Cumulative Supplement and Noter-up combined, are uploaded each month, with updates noted to individual paragraphs.

      For more details, see this link.

      Does the work cover Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland?
      Since its inception. Halsbury's Laws of England has only covered England and Wales. However, it does contains some coverage of the constitution and establishment of Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the substantive law in those jurisdictions is not in scope of the work.

      How is the work different to Halsbury's Statutes and Halsbury's Statutory Instruments?
      Halsbury's Laws of England provides a complete narrative statement in an alphabetical title scheme of English Law from all its sources.

      Halsbury's Statutes of England and Wales comprises alphabetised primary legislation of England and Wales (ie the Acts of Parliament, Welsh Assembly Measures and Measures of the Church of England). Helpfully, each Act is cross-referenced with relevant cases and subordinate legislation.

      HSI is also presented alphabetically, but in contrast to the other works, it prints statutory instruments (ie secondary (or subordinate) legislation such as rules, regulations and orders) by either printing them in full with annotations, or providing a summary.

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