EU Tracker

Brief clients well ahead of the competition with EU Tracker by tracking the implementation of key EU Directives and accessing vital EU information.

    Be in the strongest position to brief your clients - and/or win new business - on the impact that key Directives have on the national legislation of 20+ Member States with LexisNexis EU Tracker. Get ahead of the competition with commentary and vital information on implementation, and prepare in the best possible way for upcoming events in the path to full transposition.

    • Answer complex EU-related questions quickly and accurately
    • Save time and money whilst keeping up to date with key EU Directives and EU affairs
    • Advise clients on upcoming changes in legislation and on how to benefit from them
    • Build Word or PDF reports comparing  present and future legal frameworks and developments across  the covered Member States
    • Access EU legislation, cases, treaties and materials
    • Use the RSS alert feature to be proactive in your relationships with clients
    • Keep up to date on EU affairs with the weekly newsletter

      Track The Implementation Of Directives
      Trust our EU law specialists’ expertise and the country-specific information contained in the Inside Tracks which will keep you informed every step of the way as the implementation processes of Directives in over 20 Member States unfold.

      Create Comparative Reports
      Create bespoke comparative reports for the Member States of interest with the LexisNexis EU Tracker Report Builder.

      Innovative Traffic Light System and Implementation Map Keep You Up To Date
      Our innovative traffic light system and implementation map provide unique snapshots of the implementation status of all key EU Tracked Directives.

      Receive Alerts
      Receive individual alerts by Directive to reflect your area of interest and get the latest updates from our RSS feed for all Tracked Directives.

      Obtain Unique Content
      Access unique LexisNexis content from across the EU as well as  national implementing legislation in original language when available.

      Save Time and Money
      The various features of EU Tracker e.g. mini summaries of Tracker Directives, Inside Tracks, Implementation map, Tracker Data information etc save you time and money as the information is available in a few seconds. You will not have to trawl through unfamiliar documents and systems.

      Answer Complex Questions
      Answer complex EU law-related questions quickly, comprehensively and accurately with EU Tracker. Or simply contact our specialists to help you find the correct answer via the Contact us link provided.

      Get Advice on Legislation Changes
      Pre-empt your clients’ needs by proactively advising on upcoming legislative changes using 'Inside Track' information to give advice on management/adaptation strategies. Use the information to proactively win new clients/business.

      Receive Step-by-Step Updates

      Receive unique and vital information to get ahead of the competition with step-by-step updates along the way from consultation paper to draft to enacted implementing measures.

      Analyse the Path to Implementation
      Get updates and commentary on the path to implementation that each country takes towards transposition with the monitoring carried out by a dedicated team of in-house EU law experts.

      Find Accurate and Up-to-Date Information
      Understand how changes in the law will impact the way you do business in the future with reliable up-to-date information and commentary.

      How Often Is New Information Added?
      Implementation updates are entered as and when they happen, so every day there is something new in the product.  New cases and legislation are added to EU Tracker within 48 hours of reception of the EU feed, enabling you to access the most up-to-date cases, treaties and materials.

      How Will It Save Time?
      EU Tracker eliminates the hurdle of having to trawl through unfamiliar documents and websites which can take hours, and provides an accurate description of the current state of affairs  and alerts to keep you up-to-date.

      How Can I Compare Member States?
      The ‘Report Builder’ feature allows you to create Word or PDF reports comparing the legislative situations across a number of (or all) covered Member States and disseminate vital information in your firm.

      Why Is This Information Important?
      Legislative changes in response to EU legislation happen at different times in different EU Member States, so navigating around this area with LexisNexis EU Tracker allows you to be confident when doing business in Europe. And, keeping abreast with EU affairs allows you to anticipate changes and spot business opportunities.

      How Do I Receive More Information?
      To receive more information on EU Tracker, why not request a demo to watch a video of the system in action. Alternatively call one of our customer service advisors on 0845 370 1234 for further information.

      Free Product Training
      To learn how to use EU Tracker, request free product training at the LexisNexis Academy.  Should you have any questions about the best training to suit your needs contact the Training Coordinator on 0207 400 4369.

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