Risk and Compliance

Against a backdrop of shifting regulations, LexisNexis® helps you stay current with comprehensive news, tools and guidance. You’ll be able to manage risk proactively, helping your organisation develop a culture of sound ethics and compliance.

Your challenge:

Do you struggle to stay abreast of constantly changing regulations – on top of everything else you have to do? Are you under mounting pressure to demonstrate the value you bring to your organisation? What resources would help you meet the corporate challenge of becoming a more ethical company?

How we can help:

Our specialist solutions will help you keep more work in house, so you can add demonstrable value, and reduce external spend. Use our tools and resources to provide compliance advice with confidence, every time, to support the creation of a culture of sound ethics across your organisation.

Risk and Compliance News

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What's new in Risk and Compliance

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • New dedicated GDPR compliance planning topic, includes x11 new subtopics: compliance planning, data protection officer, data mapping, identifying and assessing risks, data subject rights, data protection impact assessment, lawful processing and transfer of data, data breaches, privacy policies & notices, training and awareness and the regulatory regime. Each subtopic contains containing practical guidance, precedents and tools to help organisation's ensure they are GDPR compliant
  • New Organised crime subtopic, Board briefings and reports subtopic, Compliance clause bank subtopic, Training & awareness subtopic
  • New Risk management guide toolkit, Failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion toolkit and Dawn raid response team toolkit
  • New 'Getting the deal through' guides, eg Getting the Deal Through: Corporate immigration 2018, Cloud computing 2018,
  • New Risk management guides, eg Competition law risk management guide - dominant companies, Competition law risk management guide - non-dominant companies, Corporate governance risk management guide