Lexis®Nexis provides comprehensive resources to help you stay current in the dynamic and geographically divergent planning law field. Count on us for latest news and analysis, plus access to relevant cases, legislation and expert commentary, including Butterworths Planning Law Service.

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In the fast-moving and case-heavy planning law arena, it takes time and effort to keep pace with regulations and understand how the courts are striking the balance between competing land pressures. How can you manage that research more efficiently, so you can focus on billable work and business development?

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LexisNexis serves planning lawyers and other professionals working in local government, environment, construction and property development. We keep you up to date with news and analysis about changes in planning law, and provide easy access to cases and comprehensive commentary, including Butterworths Planning Law Service — the authority on UK planning law.

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • New unique comprehensive suite of guidance on viability in planning decision-making, written in conjunction with top-rated surveyors and planning solicitors
  • New paralegal Daniel Farrow joined the team in October 2017 and new PSL Charlotte Truman joined the team in May 2018
  • Significantly boosted Q&A bank by 100+
  • New CPO practice notes on: special categories of land, powers of entry and temporary possession, public inquiries, hearings and written representations
  • Significantly enhanced subtopic on planning enforcement, including new practice notes on: enforcement notice appeals and challenges, failures to comply with planning enforcement
  • Significant enhancements to sub-topics on environmental impact assessment, neighbourhood planning, compulsory purchase, enforcement
  • Other new practice note and precedents including on: the planning regime for fracking, protected hedgerows, and a section 106 deed of indemnity