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Build on your reputation as a trusted adviser on financial services legislation by staying informed about the latest developments, trends and issues. Manage your time and costs more effectively by relying confidently on junior staff and accelerating accurate document drafting.

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Do you have easy access to the latest regulatory sentiment, as well as guidance and commentary to clarify new legislative developments? Are you under pressure to reduce costs while increasing your fee-earning capacity? Are you keen to increase efficiency by reusing documents, but concerned about the potential for drafting errors?

How we can help:

LexisNexis® offers resources and guidance to help you keep up with the latest developments in financial services regulation. Automation tools help with faster, more accurate document drafting – enabling you to entrust more work to junior staff, so you can reduce costs and spend more of your time on higher value activities.

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • Major enhancement of MiFID II content - differentiator content including MiFID II and MiFIR roadmaps, MiFID II glossary and a revamped MiFID II toolkit.
  • Significant new SMCR content - Update of the Senior Managers and Certification (SMCR) subtopic to reflect the extension of the SMCR to all firms. Inclusion of a new practice note setting out practical steps firms need to take to implement the SMCR.
  • Updated Payment Services topic - to reflect PSD2 which came into effect in January 2018.
  • Additional timelines - 8 additional timelines on Key EU Directives/Regulations and FS hot topics have been added to the 'key content packages' this year. Additional Essentials notes (on the MMF Regulation) and one minute guides (GDPR and MLD5) have been added to our key content packages.
  • Additional toolkits - the Market Abuse Reglulation content has been bolstered and we've added a new Market Abuse Regulation toolkit.
  • Additional precedents - we have added a link to all FS precedents on our Key Resources page this includes some updated EF&P precedents that have been added to our module.
  • Key Dates for Financial Services Lawyers - we continue to add to our Key Dates for FS lawyers practice note to assist customers with horizon scanning.
  • Additional sources for our Brexit subtopic - including a Financial Services Brexit glossary, Financial Services Brexit timeline and additional practice notes setting out practical steps firms need to take prior to March 2019.
  • Goode on Consumer Credit - deeper reading links added to this key commentary source for our consumer credit materials.
  • FCA Consultation Paper and Policy Statement trackers - charting all FCA consultation papers, discussion papers and policy statements between 2017 - 2013 with direct links to the underlying sources. The same sources for the PRA will be added in Q3 2018.