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How do you stay current with the latest cases and updates to the CPR? Does it feel like a tricky challenge to keep up to date with the law efficiently? And how do you keep your costs under control in an unpredictable environment, especially when working on a fixed-fee basis?

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LexisNexis® provides expert practical guidance, precedents and comprehensive drafting notes so you can keep current more easily. Dive deeper when necessary, via convenient links to legislation, the CPR, and specialist titles. Access calculators that save you time while ensuring you submit the right information, checklists and flowcharts to maintain compliance.

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • General content development and maintenance: continued to add to our suite of practical guidance in the form of new Practice Notes (eg various on estoppel, damages, costs, mandatory e-filing, etc) and Precedents (with accompanying drafting notes) eg Limitation extension agreement, precedents relating to the new debt pre-action protocol, etc as well as continuing to maintain and develop existing content whether in the light of key DR developments (including key judicial decisions, the high number of Court Guide revisions in 2017, the introduction of mandatory e-filing, the launch of the Business & Property Courts, the anticipated B&PCs disclosure pilot scheme, impact of GDPR on general litigation, etc and/or to generally to ensure they remain current, practical and user-friendly)
  • Customer experience: trying to adopt an even more more 'practical' / useful to the customer approach in the way in which we create and/or develop existing content eg creation of a service 'process flow' and toolkit, creating a 'costs recovery' toolkit, building out a bank of bespoke Q&As on some of the tricky issues on privilege that commonly arise in practice way, expansion of our 'starting types of dispute' suite of content (eg 'starting a claim in an energy dispute-a practical guide'), an overview of litigation 'end-to-end' process in England and Wales, restructuring of our key appeals cases PN, etc
  • Leaving the EU--implications for civil litigation: launched a new 'Brexit' sub-topic which (given the degree of uncertainty and lack of 'concrete' developments, is at a fairly preliminary stage at this stage) focusing on issues arising out of the UK's decision to leave the EU which directly affect civil dispute resolution in England and Wales.

    In line with this, reviewing, revising and generally developing (again, this is an ongoing ie incomplete project) 'related' guidance content in relation to, for example, appliable law, jurisdiction, enforcement, service, evidence, etc
  • Settling civil disputes: developed our guidance on this (existing) area which included creating 12 new Practice Notes and 2 new Precedents
  • Scottish civil litigation: started (preliminary stages so far) to publish practical guidance on how to bring civil proceedings in a Scottish court