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Keep on top of industry news and the latest developments in construction law, with ease. Build expertise faster with practical guidance linked to the relevant underlying law. Draft documents more efficiently, ensuring accuracy and consistency under time pressure.

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As competition for work intensifies, do you find it tough to bid competitively, maintain margins and ensure client work is done to a high standard? When delegating work to junior lawyers to keep fees down, do you worry about how to minimise the risk of mistakes?

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LexisNexis® provides you with the tools, practical guidance and underlying legal authority you need to impress construction clients, work more efficiently and delegate to junior lawyers with confidence.

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What's new in Construction Law

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • New sub-topic on Pre-Action conduct incorporating new content and enhanced existing content
  • Further enrichment of content on JCT and NEC standard form building contracts - new Practice Notes on particular aspects of the contracts (eg time, dispute resolution, design)
  • Further enhancements to FIDIC sub-topic following release of new 2017 contracts (new content and updating of existing content). 2017 editions of Red,Yellow and Silver Books published on PSL.
  • Enhanced content in relation to the settlement of construction disputes including two precedent settlement agreements and a precedent Calderbank letter
  • Review and enrichment of existing topics/sub-topics including Payment, HGCRA 1996, Novation, Assignment and Experts in construction disputes
  • Review and enrichment of existing PFI content
  • New training materials sub-topic containing slides and speaker notes on "Introduction to construction law" and "Novation and assignment". Further topics to follow.

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