How to draft and negotiate key clauses in commercial contracts

Top 10 Checklists from LexisPSL Commercial about “How to draft and negotiate key clauses in commercial contracts”

    It will be a very rare commercial contract indeed that doesn’t contain a number of clauses dealing with issues that come up time and time again. Subjects like force majeure, liquidated damages and the exclusion or limitation of liability. Keeping up to speed with the law on all of these issues can still be a challenge. It is equally challenging to efficiently document – and facilitate the implementation of – all the commercial and practical experience that comes with negotiating these clauses time and time again.

    To help you meet these challenges we have produced a series of ten comprehensive checklists providing guidance on how to draft and negotiate ten of the most important and/or common clauses in commercial contracts. Our checklists also outline the key commercial and practical issues to bear in mind when negotiating the relevant clause. These could be practical suggestions (e.g. keeping records of how the figure in a liquidated damages clause was arrived at) or negotiating tips (for instance, how to alter your approach depending on which side of a transaction you are on e.g. whether acting for a buyer or a seller).

    Download our ‘Top 10 Checklists’ here.

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