Due diligence process on a share or asset purchase

Lexis®PSL Employment

    This complimentary practice note from the Lexis®PSL Employment provides employment lawyers with an introduction to the due diligence process on a share or asset purchase.

    It provides guidance on factors affecting the approach to due diligence from a buyer's and a seller’s perspective, answers practical questions and provides a checklist of the issues that a due diligence report will commonly cover.

    More detailed guidance on the issues that arise in employment due diligence is provided in our comprehensive yet succinct practice notes which include links to other relevant Lexis®PSL Employment materials, including practice notes, checklists and precedents, and are designed to be read in six minutes or less, getting you to the detail quicker.

    This employment law practice note is part of a resource bank of practical information which is available to users with a subscription to our Lexis®PSL Employment platform.

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    LexisNexis launches new Brexit webinar series

    Whilst there are still many unknowns following the referendum result of 23 June – it’s clear that Brexit will have a significant and wide ranging impact on the UK’s legal system.

    To equip you with the information that you need to get to grips with the changes, LexisNexis is developing a series of 11 new webinars.

    These will look at the mechanism for Brexit and the potential models that may be followed as well as examining the likely impact on both the UK legal system as a whole and the practice areas that will be most affected.

    LexisNexis Brexit webinars

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