Amendments to CPR Rules and Practice Directions

10 things you need to know: procedural changes February and April 2016

    In February and April 2016, Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2016 (SI 2016/234) introduced a number of amendments to the CPR Rules and Practice Directions and included within these amendments were a large number of changes to various court forms.

    We have created a free download which summarises the ten most relevant changes for you.

    These include:

    • Enforcement of English and Welsh judgments in foreign courts
    • Enforcement - charging orders and attachment of earnings
    • Bill of Costs - pilot scheme extended
    • Costs management regime
    • Payments into court and Part 36
    • Detailed costs assessment
    • Default judgment
    • Insolvency express: pilot scheme

    A series of amendments have also been made to the Supreme Court Practice Directions to clarify and improve the procedure of the UKSC and further information can be found using the Lexis®PSL Dispute Resolution practice note.

    Lexis®PSL Dispute Resolution provides you with concise practice notes that not only explain the legal principles, but include practical tips on how to apply them in real life – with direct links to the relevant legislation, case law, commentary, forms and precedents you’ll need. Why not Request a free trial to LexisPSL Dispute and Resolution.

    Find out more about CPR Rules and Practice Direction changes by downloading the top 10 things you need to know about.

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