Advising step-parents and grandparents

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    As a family lawyer, you will know that families come in all shapes and sizes. We have provided a free practice note to help you advise both step-parents and grandparents, answering the key questions your client may ask you.

    Our suite of content for step-parents covers:

    • the acquisition of parental responsibility by step-parents and others
    • the meaning and scope of parental responsibility
    • procedure on an application for parental responsibility
    • adoption by step-parents
    • child arrangements orders

    Download step-parents overview here

    Our newly added suite of content for grandparents includes guidance regarding provision for contact with grandchildren, and answers client questions such as:

    • What can I do if I am not allowed to spend time with my grandchildren?
    • What is a child arrangements order?
    • Who can apply?
    • What is the procedure?
    • What happens at court?
    • How does the court decide what should happen?

    Download grandparents overview here

    This free content forms part of a suite of resources available in LexisPSL Family, and provides practical guidance to help you advise both core and wider family members.

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