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Our layered approach to research within LexisPSL gives you more control over how and when you access the level of information you need. LexisPSL is trusted by practitioners across the bar, from sole practitioners to barristers working in chambers.

Why LexisPSL?

LexisPSL gets you started whatever your practice area

  • From practical guidance, access direct links to the underlying law in LexisLibrary*
  • Know you can trust our advice with quick links to primary and secondary law
  • Access related content with clear signposting to key practitioner texts

LexisPSL can save you time

Short, concise practice notes help you find what you need more quickly, but we also give you the ability to link to the precise section of the primary law in LexisLibrary*

  • Access concise practice notes to find the answers you need quickly
  • Take advantage of easy linking to related content and further reading

You can trust our advice.

Our in-house teams of legal experts work with leading specialist contributors in practice.

We have experience of providing suitable solutions to chambers and barristers like yourself. We can speak to you or your resource manager, sort out a price that works for you, plus you’ll benefit from our great customer support and training.

*Further reading links to commentary sources, and links to cases and legislation not included in your practice area module, will require a subscription to LexisLibrary.

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