Aspire Training and Networking Group
Committed to helping you succeed.

We know that starting out in your legal career in-house isn’t like being a junior in a law firm. You haven't got a firm full of lawyers to turn to for advice or support.

You're not alone.

There are others embarking on their in-house legal career out there, in exactly the same position. We were approached by the in-house community to provide a space for you to connect and learn from each other. A chance to compare notes, swap stories and sharpen your legal knowledge and commercial skills.

Welcome to Aspire

Aspire is a free networking and professional development group for in-housers in the early stages of their legal career. We are passionate about supporting each other to succeed and aim to provide a forum to share experiences and ideas and sharpen our legal and commercial skills.

Join Aspire today for free and reap the benefits of this aspirational community.


Download the Aspire flyer to find out more...

The Aspire community meets 4 - 5 times a year in central London. Each meeting is focused on learning and development and provides the opportunity to network, compare notes and swap stories with others embarking on in-house legal careers.

The group is guided by an Advisory Board of your peers and also receives input from training partners at law firms to shape content.

By joining Aspire you will benefit from:

  •  Legal updates focused to your level and the implications on your day-to-day work
  •  Hearing from expert speakers share their insight and best practice
  • Polishing those all important soft skills such as how to communicate effectively, influence and negotiate with senior colleagues
  •  Engaging with peers to share experiences and opinions
  • An ability to hone your legal skills and knowledge

We also prepare content for you to take back to your legal team so you can share insights and best practice knowledge and information.

What’s more with our regular updates after each meeting providing encouragement and reminders of what you learned, you can apply your newly acquired skills from day one!  


Join Aspire to:

  • Ensure you are receiving focussed, highly relevant training filtered through LexisNexis expertise
  • Build a network of peers
  • Learn crucial soft skills to help you succeed
  • Gain insight and best practice guidance from external speakers
  • Raise your profile within your legal team
  • Elevate your status in the business by demonstrating commercial acumen

Be assured that those starting out their legal career on your team:

  • Receive quality training and development support
  • Get encouragement from like-minded peers in similar environments
  • Gain formal training on polishing those all important soft skills to apply in their day-to-day interaction with your commercial colleagues
  • Are able to hone their legal skills and commercial acumen to help deliver better value back into your organisation
  • Hear insight and best practice advice from senior commercial and in-house counsel experts to help their career progression

In addition, we also prepare content for Aspire members to take back to their legal team so they are able to share insights as well as relevant legal updates and information gathered at our events.

"Many thanks for the continued materials being provided by yourself and Lexis Nexis, I have found them to be very useful."

"I am seeing some real value from the weekly communications and am really enjoying the course!"

“Joining this group has been a great opportunity to sharpen my legal knowledge and commercial soft skills, allowing me to feel more confident in my role.”

“Sharing best practice and discussing challenges with others at the same stage of their career has been invaluable.”

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