What's new in Lexis®PSL Information Law

Stay up-to-date with our latest LexisPSL Information Law enhancements. At LexisNexis we are committed to delivering high-quality products and services, that is why we are taking on board your feedback and are constantly reviewing our products to make sure we provide you with the best possible user experience and the most up-to-date content for each practice area.


Latest key enhancements:

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The following features and improvements were added in July 2018 

  • We have added a significant amount of new content and updated a large proportion of the content set to reflect the rule changes that took place in May 2018. This includes Practice Notes, Precedents as well Q&A content. The offering contains content that is not available elsewhere in the market (particularly precedent clauses that deal with GDPR) and we have most recently published a GDPR toolkit pulling all of this guidance together.
  • Further significant updates have had to be completed due to the DPA 2018, Digital Economy Act (2017),Investigatory Powers Act (2016) and the NIS Directive on Cybersecurity. These legislation changes have also led us to expand the coverage in this area.
  • As a result of the significant legal changes we have had a significant number of Q&As onto the product that cover Information Law related issues.


The following features and improvements were added in January 2018

  • Preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including:
    • expanded suite of GDPR compliant data processing provisions, now including long and short form / pro-processor and pro-controller versions
    • expansion of suite of PNs and guidance on the GDPR
    • forthcoming suite of revised PRs dealing with the GDPR, including: data processing agreement (pro-party), data licences (pro-party), data sharing agreement and database assignment (pro-party). All precedents to be made compliant with the GDPR
  • Significant new content published since March 2017 in the following topics:
    • Data Protection - including new suite of Precedent contract clauses which are compliant with the forthcoming GDPR, plus series of PNs covering various aspects of the GDPR
    • Cybersecurity - including new PNs on cybersecurity breach notification and management, the forthcoming Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive
  • New PN on the Data Protection Bill