Drafting and Productivity Solutions

Drafting is time-consuming work, but it’s crucial to success. LexisNexis® solutions give you peace of mind by automating the process of document drafting, proofing and checking, so you can focus your time and skills on the work you love.

Why Drafting and Productivity?

As workloads increase and deadlines shrink, how do you ensure your firm’s high standards are maintained when it comes to contract drafting? If you could reduce the time spent proofing and checking documents – or better still eliminate that task – then more of your time could be spent on fee-earning activities.

How we can help

LexisNexis has a suite of products that ensure you can always trust the accuracy of your documents — even if they’ve been drafted by junior staff. With powerful integrations that ensure references and citations are up-to-date, and tools to automate document creation, you can mitigate risk by improving the quality of your firm’s documentation.

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